More on Judith’s Activity

Piece by Judith Wilton

Lou Gardiner is a British designer who produces unique embroidered artworks. The needle on a domestic sewing machine is her pen and the thread her ink. Once the outline is on the canvas the fun begins – adding thread, fabrics of all sorts (using raw edge appliqué  from the front and the back), beads and any other form of textile which made add colour, vibrancy and texture to the piece.

Lou is an excellent teacher and lecturer and is passionate about developing the creative potential of each participant in her workshops. I encourage you to look at her website and participate in one of her workshops should you get the opportunity.
Heavy artist canvas is used for art pieces due to capacity to machine embroider without need for a hoop, with the black thread providing a good block to the edge for acrylic paints.
Sources of Canvas are 
·      Jackson Drawing Supplies
·      Textile Traders – upholstery canvas
·      Bunnings (painters canvas dropsheet)
                                                                         Judith Wilton     

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