April Meeting – The Heat Is On…

Our meeting this month was full of contrasts – from the calm, quiet, reflective task of keeping an art journal, to the serious ‘hot tools’ activity of fusing synthetic fabric together!

Firstly, Virginia O’Keeffe’s demo inspired us all to have a go at keeping an art journal, as she led us through the many options and techniques she uses. She had asked members to bring their own journals to show at the meeting and we were amazed at the response – a table full of treasures (who would have thought so many beautiful works were quietly being made at home!). Virginia’s own journals were works of art – lots of quirky and clever ideas for us to try out.

After lunch Helen O’Hara showed us how to fuse synthetic fabrics together to make beautiful no-sew art pieces. The concentration on everyone’s faces as they wielded soldering irons and heat guns can be seen in the photos below…

Go to the ‘How To’s page for links to fabric fusing tutorials.

Finally there was ‘show and tell’ including results from last month’s dyeing day…


2 thoughts on “April Meeting – The Heat Is On…

  1. Hi,
    I left my pieces of dyed fabric pinned to the board on Friday. Was wondering if someone rescued it for me and when I could retrieve them somehow. I will be in QLD at the general meeting. Maybe Tiiu could collect them as she lives close by?
    Regards Tina Meikle


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