September Meeting

For our next meeting on the 14th September we have two interesting ‘shorts’ by Helen O’Hara and Cherry Johnston. Helen will be demonstrating mono-printing techniques that can be used in conjunction with our screen-printed fabric and Cherry will talk about Korean Bojagi work.
Ross’s CQG samples gave us the idea for this month’s activity – textile rubbing. Jan Rowe and Phil will first share their crayoning experiences, looking at the many different types of crayons and paint sticks that can be used on fabric, before the search is on for interesting rubbings… prepare yourself for an afternoon treasure hunt!

Rubbing samples by Ross Ellis

CQG will provide crayons, rubbing plates and masking tape*
Members need to bring some pre-washed fabric. The colour of fabric will depend on your choice of crayons – if using the CQG provided crayons, bring white or light-coloured fabrics, not black or dark. If bringing your own fabric crayons or Shiva sticks, all colours should work. For the rubbings to show, avoid heavily patterned fabrics.
*Feel free to bring any paint sticks, crayons, textured surfaces and rubbing plates for your own use.

Also, New member Iris Finn’s husband, Warrick is a knife and scissor sharpening specialist. He will be giving a short talk about the services he offers this month.
Bring any scissors and knives you would like sharpening to our September meeting. He can also straighten out the bent tips of scissors which will be great for Phil’s Kia scissors that were dropped onto a concrete floor from a great height…

Finally, Liz Arnold will be bringing along her stash of fat 1/4’s to sell at reasonable prices, so bring some spare cash for that too…


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