November 9th Meeting

The November meeting will be another good day. Phil Thomas has been experimenting with shibori and microwave dyeing, she’ll give us a short presentation on her results. This may be a taster for further exploration by all of us next year.

Our main talk/demo and activity will be on nuno felting. Martien van Zuilen will talk about how sheer fabric and fibres can be used to produce wonderful light-weight, textured pieces. Then we all get to have a go!

Martien/CQG will supply all the fabric, fibres and felting equipment but materials that participants are asked to bring are:
• medium size towel
• plastic container (volume-size about 2 litre content; an old ice-cream container or similar is ideal)
• sharp, fine pointed scissors
• general fabric scissors
• optional: any threads, woollen yarns, and or scraps of cheesecloth, sheer open weave silk fabrics, etc.

Martien will also be setting up shop with her gorgeous wool fibres, silk fabrics etc. for sale.
See you on 9 November, please bring Show and Tell, particularly your pieces from Judy Campbell’s activity (unfinished is fine…)


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