Meeting 12th April

The Co-convenors are gallivanting off tomorrow to the Australasian Quilt Convention and we want to thank both Lorraine and Ginny for running CQG while we are in Melbourne enjoying ourselves!

At our April meeting Lorraine Douglas will give a presentation on How To Write An Artist’s Statement for use when entering competitions. It is always useful to know this as our own stitched and bound require this as do more and more textile competitions.
Robin Gartner is presenting a 2 x 10 on discharge dyeing and Virginia O’Keeffe will give a digital presentation called ‘Not Pretty Quilts focusing on quilts over time which are not made for decorative purposes but have alternative designs varying from fundraisers to political ideas. If there is time in the afternoon you may design your own ‘not pretty quilt’. Before you come put on your thinking caps about what you would like to promote, or, what gets your goat.
You will find this a very therapeutic activity
Please bring:
• Paper and pen/pencils
• Old magazines
• Glue
• Scissors
• A4 or A3 backing paper

Just a reminder to bring along any finished ‘letters’ quilts for our CQG QuiltWest display. It would be appreciated if all entries for the letters challenge be handed in to one of the co-convenors by
May 10th at the latest. Please do not forget to include a short artist’s statement with your entry.

Following on from last month’s Gelli printing activity, Helen O’Hara has kindly sent a link to a tutorial she did for the landscape gel prints she demonstrated at our last meeting


Lisa Walton Workshop

To all Contemporary Quilt Group members

We are happy to announce that we are hosting a workshop with Lisa Walton.

Booking details below. Get in quick before we open this to the WAQA membership!


Lisa Walton – Fantastic Fusion Workshop (1 Day Workshop)

Date: 5 June 2019

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Venue: Stirling Adriatic Centre, 78 Jones Street, Stirling

Cost: $100 members $150 Non members


Please send email to (Cherie) if you wish to attend.

mob: 0407 470 151


Direct Deposit

Account Name WAQA

BSB 306 044

Account Number 4 198 213

Reference “Surname”Workshops eg SmithWorkshop



March Meeting – Rusting, Printing and Picture taking

There was a lot to take in this month…

Kaye Bruechle gave a short demo on rusting fabric, with plenty of hints on how to embellish, stitch and display the finished work. She had some beautiful pieces of fabric to share with the group and we look forward to seeing what members make with their piece in the coming months.


It was also great to see Julie Devereux’s rusted Eiffel Tower work which caused quite a lot of discussion and questions.

In anticipation of entering WAQA’s juried contemporary exhibition, ‘stitched and bound’ later this year, Meg’s gave an instructive textile photography tutorial – valuable information for all concerned

Although many of us have used gel plates before, they may have been stashed away and unused for a while. Our gel printing demos encouraged everyone to think about getting them out again –  Phil gave the ‘idiot’s guide to basic gel plate printing, Susan showed how to make delicate leaf prints, while our expert Helen showed us what we could achieve with a bit of practice and a fair dollop of artistic talent.  It’s always great to see so many members having a go during the afternoon activity.
For anyone wanting to make their own gel plates and for the other instruction notes, go to the ‘How To’s page. Also contact Marie Mitchell ( if you want to share with her an order for wholesale glycerin (for making your gel plate permanent)

Next month your convenors are swanning off to the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, leaving the April meeting in the capable hands of Lorraine and Ginny…


March 8th Meeting


For our March meeting activity, two printing novices (Phil and
Susan) have dusted off their unused (almost) gel plates and
had a go at mono printing. They will share their experiences
and show their results, before everyone has the opportunity
to have a go for themselves. Fortunately, there will be two
printing experts (Helen and Megan) on hand to make sure we
don’t go too far astray, and also to show their own gel printing
samples, which I’m sure will be far superior to ours!

Requirements for this activity:

CQG will provide acrylic paints, paper, newspaper and some small gel plates and brayers/rollers for those who don’t have them.
Members only need to bring some pieces of washed and ironed white fabric (aboutA4 size) or other fabric suitable for printing on. If you do have plates and brayers at home PLEASE bring along, as we need as many extras as we can get to supplement the ones CQG will provide


We will also have a short demo by Kaye Bruechle on rusted fabric. You may recall Kaye’s rusted pictures at ‘show and tell’ recently and she has kindly offered to talk briefly about the technique and then show embellishments of the fabrics in different formats. Kaye has some rusted fabric pieces to share with members, to try out these embellishments at home.

February Meeting – Family Stories and Concept Development with Louise Wells

For the first meeting of 2019 we looked at inspiration and design with our guest speaker, Louise Wells.

Louise talked about the concepts she used when preparing for her recent exhibition, “Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives” at the Midland Junction Arts Centre. What appealed to everyone listening to Louise’s talk were the family stories that led to her work and the very personal connections that tied her family to the area.

The following activity on Concept Development had us thinking more closely about our design choices and will be useful when planning our ‘stitched and bound’ entries!

Margaret Regan gave us a blast from the past by bringing along her collection of 12″ x 12″ CQG samples from a few years ago, and who will ever forget Ross’s tale of felting his alpaca hat! Something went wrong somewhere…

Finally, after a suggestion last month on future planning, we tested out a new CQG feature, ‘Bring it Before You Bin It, where members asked for advice and suggestions on how to finish a tricky or disliked project. This was very successful, with plenty of audience participation and an agreement to have this as an ongoing part of show and tell. Looks like at least Susan’s project can be modified – nice skirt Robin!

Looking forward to a creative 2019!

February Meeting – with Louise Wells

A belated Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the Contemporary Quilt Group for 2019.

Many of you will have visited Louise Wells’ recent exhibition “Of Our Time – Ordinary Lives” at the Midland Junction Arts Centre. We are delighted to say that Louise will be with us in February to, firstly, talk about the inspiration for and practicalities of her exhibition and, secondly, to lead us in an activity exploring the techniques she uses to develop ideas and concepts for her work. This will be useful to all and is particularly timely for those working towards “stitched and bound” or any other 2019 exhibition submissions.

Requirements for the Concept Development session
Participants to bring pens or pencils and paper/notebook/ journal.

In a slight change to our normal routine Louise’s talk and activity will be first up followed by Show and Tell as always.
Then we want to pick up on a suggestion from December; what might be termed a ‘show and ask session’ – Bring It Before You Bin It. Please bring your failures or anything that has got completely stuck so that the group can offer suggestions before you write it off as a WOMBAT. It was also suggested that we might take over each other’s work if we see
possibilities where the originator is just ‘over it’, but we’ll leave that to individuals to negotiate. As it follows Louise’s session this might be a good place to apply some of her concept development techniques.
We look forward to seeing everyone on 8th February to kick off CQG 2019!


CQG Christmas Party

We began the celebrations this month by looking at the WAQA Challenge quilts, especially those entered by CQG members. As always it was interesting to hear the planning and techniques that went into each work.

Our short demos were on the art of wrapping…

Phil and Meg showed how to wrap a wine bottle, books and boxes using fabric in the Japanese Furoshki style (for more links and info about Furoshki go to the ‘How to’s page)

Marilyn showed how to make fabric boxes and Sheila demonstrated two simple napkin folds to grace our Christmas tables

Of course the main event was our traditional buffet lunch which was enjoyed by all, as the following photos indicate. Note the punch was non – alcoholic and the super sized bowl is actually an optical illusion!

Have a Happy Contemporary Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting in February!




Christmas Meeting – December 14th

December is of course our Christmas party. Come along and celebrate another successful contemporary year…

Remember to bring a plate of food to share and a small handmade Christmas decoration (wrapped up) for a gift exchange. Please don’t feel pressurized into having to make something – if you don’t contribute a gift, you simply won’t be able to receive one!

Apart from the normal show and tell, the WAQA challenge ‘Curiosity Quilts’ will be displayed and there will be short demonstrations on ‘wrapping’ ideas by the CQG convenor team

We will be planning the programme for 2019 in the next few weeks, so please bring along any suggestions for what you would like included next year.

Happy Christmas from the convenors!

November Meeting with Martien van Zuilen

Our November meeting saw the return to CQG of felt maker, Martien van Zuilen, who gave a great introduction into the colourful world of Nuno felting

Nuno felting is a fabric felting technique developed by Polly Stirling, a fiber artist from New South Wales, Australia, around 1992. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth. The technique bonds loose fibres, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt.

After the demonstration we were able to get our hands on Martien’s gorgeous wool supplies and have a go at making our own pieces.

Also on the programme was a short introduction to Microwave Dyeing by Phil, who has been dabbling in shibori folding and stitching and using ‘Rit’ dye to imitate indigo dyeing. More on this simple technique next year…

November 9th Meeting

The November meeting will be another good day. Phil Thomas has been experimenting with shibori and microwave dyeing, she’ll give us a short presentation on her results. This may be a taster for further exploration by all of us next year.

Our main talk/demo and activity will be on nuno felting. Martien van Zuilen will talk about how sheer fabric and fibres can be used to produce wonderful light-weight, textured pieces. Then we all get to have a go!

Martien/CQG will supply all the fabric, fibres and felting equipment but materials that participants are asked to bring are:
• medium size towel
• plastic container (volume-size about 2 litre content; an old ice-cream container or similar is ideal)
• sharp, fine pointed scissors
• general fabric scissors
• optional: any threads, woollen yarns, and or scraps of cheesecloth, sheer open weave silk fabrics, etc.

Martien will also be setting up shop with her gorgeous wool fibres, silk fabrics etc. for sale.
See you on 9 November, please bring Show and Tell, particularly your pieces from Judy Campbell’s activity (unfinished is fine…)