July Meeting – Textile Heaven!

Today’s meeting was all about textiles – firstly with Liz Dawes from ‘Woven Stories’ and later with a Boro stitching activity led by Phil.

Liz entertained us with tales of her textile hunting adventures in India. I’m still re-living her 2 km walk along a river bed to locate a weaving village, which should make us appreciate the lengths taken to get these exotic fabrics to the Australian market. Liz brought along some of her lovely fabrics for sale including some boro kits – very appropriate!


The afternoon was spent socialising over Japanese boro stitching. Everyone shared their scraps to make colourful boro fabric. Hopefully these pieces will be turned into something special (snappy bags perhaps – pattern and all other instructions are on the ‘How To’s page of this website)


July Meeting – 12th July

The July meeting is all about textiles!

We have invited Perth-based textile designer Liz Dawes, from Woven Stories, to talk about her obsession with fabric and a love of travel. Liz will also be bringing her shop, so be prepared to buy (cash only please)!

As you all know, Phil loves making items using Japanese boro fabric, so the activity this month will be a boro stitching experience. Your boro fabric can then be used to make a small snappy bag at home. As usual, CQG will provide some of the materials, but check the requirements list below for what you need to bring.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

CQG will provide: thread, base fabric, metal snaps and glue.

You need to bring:

  • 10 – 15 scraps of fabric, approximately 3 – 4”. They can be any shape, colour or type, but avoid heavy fabrics. We plan to mix all these together so be prepared to share!
  • sharp needle with a large eye (for stitching with sashiko type cotton thread)
  • scissors
  • thimble (optional)
  • if you prefer, you can bring your own sashiko thread to use

June Meeting with Marie Mitchell

Ross fascinated us, as always, by sharing the techniques he uses to embellish clothing – applique, reverse applique, bobbin work and thread painting. We love seeing the wonderful outfits he produces. Lucky wife, I say…

Marie Mitchell demonstrated, and then led an activity, involving organza mono printing using lumiere paints. She is a brilliant and well prepared teacher! We all went away inspired and with something we could include in another piece.

In addition to the usual show and tell, members shared their quilts that had been entered at QuiltWest. It was interesting to hear some of the background behind the pieces, that couldn’t be told in a 30 word artist statement.




June Meeting – Friday 14th

Jan Rowe – Best of Show!

Congratulations to everyone who displayed their works at QuiltWest.

In June, we are hoping for brief artists’ talks from everyone who entered a new quilt in QuiltWest. Most of us will have seen them at the actual exhibition. However, we would love an opportunity to hear from the maker any special tips about how the quilt was made, and a chance to examine them more closely. No pressure if you would prefer to keep your quilt out of view because it is destined for further exhibitions. Special congratulations to Jan Rowe for achieving Best of Show. Please bring any other items for show and tell, particularly if you have had a go at a technique demonstrated at previous meetings.

Ross Ellis will give a short demo of one of his techniques he uses for his unique pieces, clothing or quilts.

The main activity will be a workshop by Marie Mitchell showing an Organza Mono print technique. Most of the needed materials will be supplied.

Members will need to bring (if possible):
• fine paint brushes
• a cloth for wiping brushes,
• a plastic lid to use as a paint palette
• a black Sharpie pen or similar for tracing your
• Please bring Lumiere paints if you want to use
your own.
Remember to dress appropriately for working with
paints. An apron can be a most useful.

Marie will have for sale some paints (@ $2) and fine paint brushes (@ $5) for anyone who would like to purchase their own.

May Meeting with Kerry Moore

It was a full and busy meeting this month with plenty of show and tell and experiences and techniques to share.

Thanks to Kerry for showing us how to stitch with ‘unstitchable’ threads. This was a great afternoon activity which kept the whole room engrossed and relatively quiet!

Also thanks to the AQC attendees who shared their Melbourne workshop experiences. So much to do, so little time…

Lorraine, our WAQA website editor, able to make CQG meetings at last!
examples of Kerry’s stitchery

Ross seems to have a fixation on felted hats…
Some AQC tales from a Joe Cunningham workshop…
Woven patchwork from AQC workshop with Gillian Travis

Next stop, QuiltWest, where the CQG ‘Letters’ challenge will be on show!

May 10th Meeting

At the May meeting, Kerry Moore will give a presentation and lead an activity focused on how to work with difficult threads. Kerry does some wonderful work with decorative threads. At the meeting she will demonstrate her techniques, share some of her pieces with you and lead an activity where we will all get an opportunity to have a go. We will provide a kit of threads and a piece of ticking, but if you have some of your own threads (thick and uneven threads and wool, ribbons, thin lace etc) and material you would like to bring along, please do so.

CQG will provide:
• Threads and 30 cm x 40 cm piece of ticking
Please bring:
• a regular sewing needle, some neutral thread
and a pair of scissors,
• a chenille needle size 18 or 20,
• a small scrap of fabric and perhaps an unused
contemporary block.

In place of the usual short demonstrations, the individuals who did classes at AQC will do a show and tell of what they produced – interesting pieces are evolving!

You are reminded that it is time to finish your “Letters” challenge and bring it along to the meeting since they will be hung at QuiltWest as our usual display. If your piece isn’t self explanatory, please email a very short ‘explanation’ of its link to the subject to Marilyn ( so that it can be typed up, laminated and displayed with the quilt.

As a reminder about the challenge ‘non-rules’… The letter quilt should be about A3 size (can be portrait or landscape orientation). The theme is anything to do with the meaning of the word ‘letters’. You can use any technique, materials etc. you want…no rules! You don’t need to put on a hanging sleeve, as we pin them to display.

Look forward to seeing you at the May meeting

April meeting – with Virginia and Lorraine

There was so much positive feedback from this month’s meeting that the convenors were really sorry to have missed it. Thanks to Ginny and Lorraine for taking charge…

Virginia presented a really stimulating selection of art quilts made by predominantly American women on a range of topics from AIDS, politics and world War 11 to relationships, fund raisers and feminism.  It highlighted how quilts have been used – sometimes as banners eg. Peace movement to air women’s perspective on issues. 

Robin had lots of samples of various fabrics that had been discharged. She showed her beautiful pieces that had been done in a workshop some time back. The dye used to create the black or navy fabric is the key to the variety of colours achieved in the discharge.   Myra also had samples of different time frames for discharging and appropriate samples showing 10, 20, secs etc.

Lorraine gave some pertinent points on how to construct an artist’s statement and members viewed a quilt of Virginia’s to give practice to the concept of interpreting the imagery before you.  Notes for this can be found on the ‘How To’s’ page. 

Virginia ran a collage workshop in the afternoon working with words and themes using magazines as a stimulus. 

Great work, Ladies…

Meeting 12th April

The Co-convenors are gallivanting off tomorrow to the Australasian Quilt Convention and we want to thank both Lorraine and Ginny for running CQG while we are in Melbourne enjoying ourselves!

At our April meeting Lorraine Douglas will give a presentation on How To Write An Artist’s Statement for use when entering competitions. It is always useful to know this as our own stitched and bound require this as do more and more textile competitions.
Robin Gartner is presenting a 2 x 10 on discharge dyeing and Virginia O’Keeffe will give a digital presentation called ‘Not Pretty Quilts focusing on quilts over time which are not made for decorative purposes but have alternative designs varying from fundraisers to political ideas. If there is time in the afternoon you may design your own ‘not pretty quilt’. Before you come put on your thinking caps about what you would like to promote, or, what gets your goat.
You will find this a very therapeutic activity
Please bring:
• Paper and pen/pencils
• Old magazines
• Glue
• Scissors
• A4 or A3 backing paper

Just a reminder to bring along any finished ‘letters’ quilts for our CQG QuiltWest display. It would be appreciated if all entries for the letters challenge be handed in to one of the co-convenors by
May 10th at the latest. Please do not forget to include a short artist’s statement with your entry.

Following on from last month’s Gelli printing activity, Helen O’Hara has kindly sent a link to a tutorial she did for the landscape gel prints she demonstrated at our last meeting

Lisa Walton Workshop

To all Contemporary Quilt Group members

We are happy to announce that we are hosting a workshop with Lisa Walton.

Booking details below. Get in quick before we open this to the WAQA membership!


Lisa Walton – Fantastic Fusion Workshop (1 Day Workshop)

Date: 5 June 2019

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Venue: Stirling Adriatic Centre, 78 Jones Street, Stirling

Cost: $100 members $150 Non members


Please send email to (Cherie) if you wish to attend.

mob: 0407 470 151


Direct Deposit

Account Name WAQA

BSB 306 044

Account Number 4 198 213

Reference “Surname”Workshops eg SmithWorkshop