October Meeting – stitched and bound 2019

Mark your diaries!

Our October 11th meeting will be at the Zig Zag Gallery, Kalamunda, where we will have the opportunity to view the quilts and hear CQG members, who are exhibiting in the exhibition, talk about their work.

Meet at 10.30 am at the gallery (there is an excellent cafe on site for pre-gallery coffee…).

Stitched and bound 2019 is a juried exhibition of innovative contemporary art quilts and is open to textile artists residing in Western Australian.

It will be the twelfth; self-funded, juried exhibition curated by Western Australian Quilters Association and will be at the Zig Zag Gallery.

It will showcase work of Western Australian textile artists who use the medium of layering textiles as a vehicle for exploring and responding to the social and cultural landscape they inhabit.  Subjects chosen by previous entrants have included philosophy, politics, history, humour, memories and the natural world.  The surface design techniques included dyeing, printing, painting crochet, knitting, weaving, felt making and exploration of pattern, design and materiality of cloth.

Artist floor talks will be held on Tuesday, 15th October at 2pm



September Post 2 – Microwave Dyeing

Our microwave dyeing activity this month produced some fabulous fabric designs!

Phil first showed the results of the shibori folds she demo-ed last month (below) and talked about the process of microwave dyeing using Rit dyes.

Then everyone was given free rein in the studio to dye their own pre-shiboried fabric…

… and controlled chaos ensued!

Seriously we saw some great results and look forward to seeing more (when all those pesky shibori stitches has been unpicked…) next month.

September Post 1- Meeting Mount Magnet

We were fortunate to be given a ‘private viewing’ of the Mount Magnet Quilts at our meeting this month. In Pat’s words…

How did this exciting project begin? Stella King enticed Pat Forster to a GeoParks tourism seminar where Karen Morrisey gave a plenary on the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest. Pat gave a five minute talk about Aboriginal reconciliation through quilting. Karen, Pat and Stella got together afterwards and the Mount Magnet Quilt project was conceived – ‘Astro’ and ‘Rocks’ quilts hung with paintings by Wirnda Barna Artists for the Mount Magnet Astro Rocks Fest 2019.

Our purpose, through exhibiting and talking about the quilts, is to foster a better appreciation of Aboriginal history and culture, in a spirit of reconciliation.

Liz Humphreys, who has strong connections with the outback, came on board, and Meg Cowey agreed to be official photographer. We all belong to the West Australian Quilters’ Association. Friends from the Association agreed to contribute quilts.

Thanks to everyone involved who shared their amazing quilts with us, and to Roberta, who showed how she achieved the clever layered effect in her quilt of Lake Ballard.

For more information go to mountmagnetquiltproject

September 13th Meeting

Murchison Night Sky by Meg Cowey

This month Pat Forster will talk about the Mount Magnet Quilt Project and the amazing quilts that will be on display. Some of the makers will be present and will explain their inspiration and techniques. Roberta Chantler will give a short demo showing how she obtained the surface features on her quilt depicting Lake Ballard.

In the afternoon, Phil will lead us through a microwave dyeing activity, which will be organised in groups as the studio will not accommodate us all together. You may want to bring some extra handwork while you sit, or just enjoy the time chatting.

If you were at the last meeting you will have seen how to fold and stitch your cotton fabric ready to bring to the meeting. If not, Phil’s prep notes are on the ‘How To’s’ page, or you can bring fabric to fold or scrunch on the day.

To see the results of Phil’s shibori folding from the last meeting click here

CQG will provide;
• Rit Dye, salt and washing up liquid
• microwaves
• bowls, spoons, gloves and all other equipment
• microwaveable food containers
You need to bring:
• 5-6 pieces of cotton fabric (see prep
instructions below)
• plastic zippy bag to bring and take fabric home
Prep for meeting:
1. prewash cotton fabric
2. cut into squares approx. 15” – 20”
3. fold/stitch
4. soak in water for at least an hour and squeeze out
5. bring to the meeting in a plastic bag
6. for threads, take crochet cotton off the ball and wind
(and tie) into a skein
1. your folded fabric needs to fit into the small
microwaveable container we will provide
2. only use shibori materials that can be microwaved!
Not metal coins, clamps etc. String and rubber bands
are OK
3. fabric to dye must be cotton or other natural fibre

See you all there!



August – A Post about Postcards!

Helen O’ Hara led a very creative activity this month on making fabric postcards – and who doesn’t enjoy glueing bits of fabric to a background?

Addresses were exchanged and hopefully Australia Post will be able to cope with a sudden influx of textile mailing. We look forward to seeing what has arrived in our mail boxes at the next meeting (instruction sheet is on the ‘How To’s page)

Scroll down to see the members in action as they followed Helen’s instructions

In the morning Phil gave a quick demo on shibori folding in readiness for next month’s activity on microwave dyeing. Info sheets and links to shibori folding is on the ‘How To’s’ page of this website. Exactly what to bring will be in the next newsletter…

Show and tell was particularly good this month with work (and detailed explanations) from the recent Fibres West attendees, masses of ‘snappy’ boro bags, workshop results and other interesting pieces.


August 9th Meeting

Firstly, this month Phil will present a demo and lots of advice on shibori folding. This is in preparation for our September activity which will be Microwave Dyeing. The idea is that, inspired by Phil, you will go home, fold some fabric and bring it along to dye in microwaves in September.






Secondly, continuing the theme of working with your scraps, Helen O’Hara will lead us in an activity using tiny scraps of fabric and paper to make fabric postcards.  As usual, CQG will supply most of the materials but:

You should bring:
• Scissors for paper and fabric
• optional – any scraps you would particularly like to use

Fibres West Show and Tell: If you were at Fibres West please bring your work, samples etc. and tell us a bit about the workshop you took part in. This will be similar to what we did after AQC, a great way of sharing the experience with those who couldn’t be there. Those who attended as assistants might also like to tell us something about their experience.
We look forward to seeing you on 9th August

July Meeting – Textile Heaven!

Today’s meeting was all about textiles – firstly with Liz Dawes from ‘Woven Stories’ and later with a Boro stitching activity led by Phil.

Liz entertained us with tales of her textile hunting adventures in India. I’m still re-living her 2 km walk along a river bed to locate a weaving village, which should make us appreciate the lengths taken to get these exotic fabrics to the Australian market. Liz brought along some of her lovely fabrics for sale including some boro kits – very appropriate!


The afternoon was spent socialising over Japanese boro stitching. Everyone shared their scraps to make colourful boro fabric. Hopefully these pieces will be turned into something special (snappy bags perhaps – pattern and all other instructions are on the ‘How To’s page of this website)

July Meeting – 12th July

The July meeting is all about textiles!

We have invited Perth-based textile designer Liz Dawes, from Woven Stories, to talk about her obsession with fabric and a love of travel. Liz will also be bringing her shop, so be prepared to buy (cash only please)!

As you all know, Phil loves making items using Japanese boro fabric, so the activity this month will be a boro stitching experience. Your boro fabric can then be used to make a small snappy bag at home. As usual, CQG will provide some of the materials, but check the requirements list below for what you need to bring.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

CQG will provide: thread, base fabric, metal snaps and glue.

You need to bring:

  • 10 – 15 scraps of fabric, approximately 3 – 4”. They can be any shape, colour or type, but avoid heavy fabrics. We plan to mix all these together so be prepared to share!
  • sharp needle with a large eye (for stitching with sashiko type cotton thread)
  • scissors
  • thimble (optional)
  • if you prefer, you can bring your own sashiko thread to use

June Meeting with Marie Mitchell

Ross fascinated us, as always, by sharing the techniques he uses to embellish clothing – applique, reverse applique, bobbin work and thread painting. We love seeing the wonderful outfits he produces. Lucky wife, I say…

Marie Mitchell demonstrated, and then led an activity, involving organza mono printing using lumiere paints. She is a brilliant and well prepared teacher! We all went away inspired and with something we could include in another piece.

In addition to the usual show and tell, members shared their quilts that had been entered at QuiltWest. It was interesting to hear some of the background behind the pieces, that couldn’t be told in a 30 word artist statement.




June Meeting – Friday 14th

Jan Rowe – Best of Show!

Congratulations to everyone who displayed their works at QuiltWest.

In June, we are hoping for brief artists’ talks from everyone who entered a new quilt in QuiltWest. Most of us will have seen them at the actual exhibition. However, we would love an opportunity to hear from the maker any special tips about how the quilt was made, and a chance to examine them more closely. No pressure if you would prefer to keep your quilt out of view because it is destined for further exhibitions. Special congratulations to Jan Rowe for achieving Best of Show. Please bring any other items for show and tell, particularly if you have had a go at a technique demonstrated at previous meetings.

Ross Ellis will give a short demo of one of his techniques he uses for his unique pieces, clothing or quilts.

The main activity will be a workshop by Marie Mitchell showing an Organza Mono print technique. Most of the needed materials will be supplied.

Members will need to bring (if possible):
• fine paint brushes
• a cloth for wiping brushes,
• a plastic lid to use as a paint palette
• a black Sharpie pen or similar for tracing your
• Please bring Lumiere paints if you want to use
your own.
Remember to dress appropriately for working with
paints. An apron can be a most useful.

Marie will have for sale some paints (@ $2) and fine paint brushes (@ $5) for anyone who would like to purchase their own.